Services we offer

  • Burials

    We offer an optional small private burial service

  • Caskets

    We offer a wide variety of caskets with all kinds of finishes

  • Memorial

    We also offer a wide variety of memorials

  • Urns

    We offer a wide variety of Urns We can also offer Human Urns by request at UNBEATABLE PRICES!!!! Call Or E-mail for more info.

  • Pick Up

    We offer pick up services for your animal. We travel as far north as Lock Haven, as far east as Lewistown, as far south as Maryland Border, and as far west as Pittsburgh.

  • Animal Types

    Services are available for, but not limited to: Cats, Dogs, Goats, Pigs, Birds, Frogs, Rats, Turtles, and Ferrets.

  • Cremation

    We offer several different options of cremation; mass cremation with no remains returned to you. Semi-private and private cremation - with this option you will receive a stainless steel tag when the remains are returned to you. This is to ensure it is your loved one. Also with this option you will receive a remembrance card or a book mark.